Life Stories

Many people in Ireland have had a real encounter with the living God.
Here are some featured life Stories:
David Ross I Mary Joyce Vincent Gannon Nick O' Connell Loretia Hamer Ruth

Irish Mountain Psalm 32

Featured My Story : Madeline Joyce

When I meet people for the first time I always have a problem with the question, “Where are you from?” Born in England, I have a Canadian accent, an Irish passport and a Scotsman for a husband!

On the other hand I never have a problem with the more important question, “Where are you going?” I know for sure that I’m going to be with Jesus for all eternity.

Mind you, I haven’t always been so confident. In fact as a teenager I had come to the “mature” conclusion (!) that life ended in death and that Jesus was nothing more than a good teacher. I even argued (in total ignorance of the biblical facts) against His importance as God or Saviour.

I can see now that in doing so I was freeing myself from any moral obligations so that I could go on doing my own thing and find happiness.

The real problem started when it became evident that what seemed like happiness when viewed from a distance was really a mirage, offering no real satisfaction or pleasure.

18 had seemed like an age of great freedom. The reality was self-conscious misery, as I struggled with social inferiority watching my friends move into a world of “relationships”, a place where I feared to follow.

I consoled myself with study and aimed for the top, only to be robbed of it through the ill effects of stress and pressure. Bad grades and a sense of failure were my reward.

"In fact as a teenager 
I had come to the “mature” conclusion (!) 
that life ended in death and that Jesus 
was nothing more than a 
good teacher..."

At university I spent 4 years avoiding the pressure of competitive study while looking for a good time outside the classroom. Yet I had no pleasure from the camaraderie of student life. Mostly I watched from the sidelines afraid to be myself and to let myself be known.

My greatest source of happiness through all these years was to be alone with nature and through the music of John Denver I desired to experience a “oneness”, with nature. Sunsets over the ocean bathed me in the miracle of beauty but nonetheless only intensified a sense of loneliness. No matter, how long I sat communing with nature it remained a one way conversation with me asking all the questions!!

So I had to admit after 26 years of seeking happiness at the end of my next rainbow all I had found was emptiness and depression and a whole lifetime to enjoy it in!!

Societies answer to such a situation is a “shrink”. I’m thankful that it isn’t God’s answer.
At just the time when my empty heart was ready to hear it, I was told of God’s great LOVE for me. Even though I had spent years denying God He was more than willing to answer my cry for help. As I cried out for answers He did not remain silent. I came to see that leaving God out of my life was the root of the problem. He had given me life and He knew best how I should live it – but I hadn’t been listening. Like a rebellious teenager I was determined to do things my own way. And I had made a mess.

At that time I read the words of Jesus in Matthews gospel, “If you want to keep our life for yourself you will lose it. But it you give up your life for me you will find true life.”

And as I handed over control – as I decided at last to follow God’s direction – I knew for the first time what “true life” was.

Still 21 years later, through ups and downs, Jesus has continued to be my help and strength. And even more – I have the promise of life with Him forever.

Irish Forest Psalm 130

Featured My Story : Yvonne Sinclair

I came from a protestant background, read the Bible in school, and went to Sunday school each week, learned from the Bible parables and stories about Jesus in the Girls Brigade, even had certificates for exams on the Bible. I would have believed the bible was the Word of God but it had no relevance in my life, I never knew that I needed to be “Saved” or “Born Again”, or that I deserved to go to hell or that I had sinned against God.

I married my husband who was from a Catholic background, neither of us practised our religion and God had no place in our lives. Our 15 years of marriage was on the rocks and my husband cried our to God for help and God saved him. He would read the bible from morning to night and when he tried to share it with me it made me very angry indeed. My pride welled up against him, “how dare this person who never read the Bible before tell me that I was a sinner and needed to get right with God”.

"Lord, I don’t care what anyone else says - from now
on I am going to take God at His word and believe Him..."

I was working with some people who were in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal and they asked me to go to a meeting with them, which I did. After a while I decided to become a Catholic and a nun gave me a book that was used in the schools to teach the children, she thought it might help me learn more about Catholicism. By this time I was praying and reading my Bible every day, attending meetings singing Christian songs, even fasting but not saved.

One morning while having my prayer time, I decided to read the book, which the nun had given me, I was indignant when I read that God had devised a plan to save the world through Mary. Everything in me rejected this because I knew that Gods plan to save the world was through His Son, The Lord Jesus Christ, that it was Jesus who died for our sins. I cried out to God, I said “Lord I know you died on the cross for my sins, Lord I don’t care what anyone else says from now on I am going to take God at His word and believe Him”. 

As I read Gods Word it was like a light had been switched on in my head and it became so real to me. God Himself became so real to me. He gave me understanding; it was like the message of salvation had been hidden from me until that moment in time. That was February 1981. I left the Charismatic meeting and I went to my first Christian meeting shortly after that. God has proven Himself to me over and over again and I have grown in grace and in the knowledge of Him. 

Revelation 22 O'Briens Castle, Co. Clare, Ireland